Happy Labor Day, everybody!

To mark the occasion (or to market their product), Disney/Lucasfilm has released the fourth Star Wars: Rebels short, this one featuring Ezra being up to no good:

What really strikes me about these shorts is their production quality: the music is the Star Wars soundtrack, not a sampled version of some of its themes; the animation is fluid, and the characters’ movements natural; it’s funny without being silly.

But what is really striking about this “Not What You Think” short is that the show and its characters are beginning to feel like Star Wars. We’ll have to reserve final judgment on that until we see how the show does, but what we’ve seen from this show looks very promising.

– Vandal


News! Dragon Age: Inquisition WILL Feature a Co-op MP Mode


It’s as if the Maker himself heard our pleas.

Via IGN, BioWare announced today that their colossal fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisitionwill indeed feature a cooperative game mode.  For those of you who (like we) loved the multiplayer element of the Canadian developer’s last AAA blockbuster, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer even more by way of map variety, gameplay elements, character progression, and gear acquisition.

Biotic explosions?  Child's play compared to a flaming sword...of flame...and a max level Mana Clash hurled at a blood mage.

Biotic explosions? Child’s play compared to a flaming sword…of flame…and a max level Mana Clash hurled at a blood mage.

We here at the Unending Backlog have been waiting for this particular announcement for some time, as the co-op mode from Mass Effect 3 was one of the game’s highlights.  It allowed players to participate in BioWare’s galaxy-spanning war against the Reapers alongside their friends, and as a similarly dire conflict looks to be at the heart of Inquisition, a chance to team up once again and collect and upgrade weapons and gear to our heart’s content is something we’ve been hoping that they would include in this game’s development.

They have, and we’re terribly, terribly excited.

Once we’ve finished celebrating and congratulating ourselves on this piece of news, and after we maybe(?) get a peek at some gameplay at Pax Prime this coming weekend, we’ll have a full preview for you here.

– Vandal

Preview! New Star Wars Rebels Shorts for Sabine, Zeb


Sabine was here.

Disney/Lucasfilm is starting to ramp up its marketing for its new show, Star Wars Rebels.  While others around here will tell you that The Flash is this fall’s can’t-miss new show, I am here to provide, shall we say, an alternative view.

Posted to the official Star Wars YouTube channel have been several TV spots that are currently airing across broadcast and cable televisions, but more interesting are the three-minutes short films that each center on a single member of the Ghost‘s crew.  A few weeks ago, we blogged the first of these, an Episode IV-spirited look at Chopper the astromech.

Since then, Lucasfilm has sent two more character features our way, with the first focusing on Sabine Wren, a renegade Mandalorian with artistic inclinations toward the civilly-disobedient:

And yesterday, Lucasfilm set us up with a short featuring Zeb, a member of the acrobatic Lasat race whose species is a new addition to the panoply of central characters:

Both shorts give us a glimpse into the nature of these main characters, their looks and personalities, and show off just how terrific this show is going to look and sound when it comes on the air in early October.  We’ll have another preview of the characters when John Jackson Miller’s canonical novel Star Wars: A New Dawn hits store shelves next week, but for now, these short films (and the three we’re still waiting for) should get us through until then.

Star Wars is coming back in a major way this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

–  Vandal

News! New ‘Destiny’ Trailer Shows us Mars


Three weeks and a day are all that remains, my friends.  To ensure their fan base reaches its quota of impatient thoughts, Bungie has further unveiled Mars in another majestic-looking trailer:

Having already shattered all preorder records for a new IP–thanks in part to a colossally successful Beta test–Destiny is going to to be a focal point of the geek discourse this fall and into the winter.  Thanks to ports to each of the four major consoles, just about anybody that wants to “Become Legend” will have the opportunity to do so on September 9th.



News! ‘Doctor Who’ Takeover Week on BBC America

Doctor Who s8 News

Peter Capaldi looks like he’s going to take a fresh approach to the role of the Oncoming Storm, but if you’d like to relive the emotional anguish of saying goodbye to David Tennant as you wait impatiently for the season 8 premiere, BBC America has you covered all week.

A whole lot of us are counting the hours to Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Doctor in Doctor Who‘s season 8 premiere episode, “Deep Breath” and BBC America is offering their help in finding ways to pass those interminable hours.

All week on BBC America is “Doctor Who Takeover Week,” which begins tomorrow at 8am EDT/5am PDT and will allow fans and viewers to first watch a series of half-hour retrospectives, each focusing solely on a single incarnation of the Doctor.  The next five-and-a-half days will be filled with full-season broadcasts of each episode and special featuring David Tennant and Matt Smith (and in one superb case, both), from “The Christmas Invasion” all the way through “The Time of the Doctor,” after which Chris Hardwick will bookend the season 8 premiere with a live pre- and post-show.

As if the excitement couldn’t increase any further, Fathom Events is offering a live screening of “Deep Breath” that includes 15 minutes of exclusive content.  There’s also a viral campaign you can use to indoctrinate the uninitiated to the imaginative world of the Time Lords–just use #newtoWho to begin the process.

We’re going to try to stay calm and not blink this week, but there are few things on television more exciting than the first appearance of a new Doctor.  So Happy Doctor Who Takeover, everyone, and we’ll see you with our review of the premiere in less than a week’s time!


News: BioWare Announces 4v1 RPG, ‘SHADOW REALMS’


BioWare followed through at Gamescom earlier today, officially announcing their new product, Shadow Realms and its appertaining social media sites.

Shadow Realms Preview

SHADOW REALMS from BioWare’s Austin studio looks to introduce a brand new universe to fans of the Canadian developler, and looks to hearken back to some of its earliest projects.

Their Twitch fan event goes live in 25 minutes, during which we can expect to learn more about this new imaginative universe–attend by tuning into twitch at 10 EDT/7PDT

We’ll have more from Gamescom over the course of the next few days, so stay with us!

–  Vandal