Review! Batman/Superman, Vol. 1: ‘Cross World’ [No Spoilers]


I should really only give a five-issue trade three stars on principle–and, in this case, it’s only really four issues, as the fifth is a measly backup issue that offers very little by way of necessary information–but the work of Pak and Lee in terms of crafting a stylish, self-reflective story is far better than the publishing practices of DC. Batman/Superman, Vol. 1: Cross World is a great-looking piece of comic storytelling that sheds some light on a forgotten chapter of the New 52: the first meeting of Batman and Superman.

BvS V.1The story is fairly simple: during their first fight, Batman and Superman are teleported to Earth-2 where they participate in a battle that takes place prior to the events of Earth-2 #1 . They learn about the friendship, teamwork, and personal lives that in no way resembles the Earth-1 relationship; more accurately, it shows the presence of something that they both consider absent. It works as a sort of prequel to the events of both Justice League and Earth-2 , as well as an interesting, comic-familiar story that deals with themes such as choice, friendship, and time.

But where this volume really stands out is in the artwork of Jae Lee. The sharpness of the pencils are unlike anything that you’ll find anywhere else in comics. There need be no comparison, as none seems necessary–the style and symmetry of the artwork is breathtaking, engrossing, and tells the emotional story of the two most popular figures in modern mythology as well as the short, punctuated narrative style of Greg Pak does. It is impressive work, and a welcome, alternative voice to the widespread offerings centered on Batman and Superman.

8/10 – 
Batman/Superman, Vol. 1: Cross World may not tell the most impressive story, but the manner in which it is told makes it a standout volume and a great place to launch a series that focuses on Clark and Bruce’s friendship. The manner in which it informs many other New 52 titles likewise makes this a book that the majority of comics readers will enjoy thoroughly.

– Vandal


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