Review! Superman, Vol. 3: ‘Fury at World’s End’ [No Spoilers]


Superman V.3If you’d like a perspective on where Superman, Vol. 3: Fury at World’s End succeeds and fails then you should read my review of the crossover collection Superman: H’el on Earth. Then, you should read something else, and join me in the purgatory of waiting for Geoff Johns’ run on Superman to make it to trade paperback. In short: I strongly suggest skipping this trade, as it does not constitute much of a story at all.

Aside from the inclusion of a single different issue–the great-looking, ultimately confusing Superman #0 that tells the story of Jor El’s discovery of Krypton’s doom–this volume publishes the same content as the crossover collection, but as with Supergirl, Vol. 3: Sanctuary, the story as collected in the character-specific book makes no sense at all–it needs the other dozen issues to communicate, and you’re not going to find them here.

1/10 – Skip it.  The size, content, and story details of Superman’s crossover issues of the “H’el on Earth” event just doesn’t translate in this trade paperback, and neither will the money you’ll spend on it. This volume is for serious New 52 collectors only.

– Vandal


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