Review! The Strain, Ep. 1.10 – ‘Loved Ones’ [Spoilers] a.k.a. ‘What Happened to Kelly” a.k.a. “Idiocy Repaid’


We open at Setrakian’s pawn shop where Zack scours Setrakian’s ancient technology collection. By ancient, I mean Matrix-era flip phones and iMacs.  Somehow, he’s able to get online and use the find iPhone feature Odd.  That feature doesn’t work in normal situations and he locates Kelly’s phone! That’s Unpossible Dutch brought down the internet! Eph ignores that plot device and agrees to search for Kelly.

Fet believes they’ll find the Master’s nest in the subway lines near the World Trade Center.  As Fet, Nora, Dutch and Setrakian plan their attack, Dutch admits to everyone to crashing most internet traffic and volunteers to fix it.  She can only do it from Eldritch Palmer’s office, of course.  Fet can get them in using his NYC Health Inspection credentials – and they’re off!

Amid mass looting, Eph finds Kelly’s phone at a homeless woman’s shanty. She leads Eph to Kelly’s unlocked, empty car where she found the phone. Eph finds blood on the seat….

Flashback 32 hours…

The Strain 1.10.2

“I hate it when my ex is right!!!”

A mostly-vamped out Matt arrives home to find Kelly asleep.  A’la Joan, Matt resists the urge to sting Kelly and locks himself in the bathroom.  Flash forward to Kelly teaching elementary school. One of the other teachers tells her half the kids and staff are out. “Are they sick”? Kelly asks. Yes, yes they are.  Kelly reveals what Eph told her about the epidemic. She decides to find Zack and leave.

For some reason, she goes home instead and finds a fully changed Matt. He attacks – she fights him off but a blood worm crawls into her eye during the fight.  Idiocy, repaid!

She passes out in her car waking up later that evening.  She arrives at Zack’s school to find the principal working late.  The principal calls the police but the call drops.  Continuity!  As Kelly leaves another vamp recognizes her as “one of them”.

On the way to Palmer’s, Dutch and Fet talk about their pasts.  Dutch rolls her eyes as Fet charms his way past security.  Despite his charms, they’re met by heavily armed security and taken to meet with Fitzwilliams who takes Dutch to meet with Palmer.  After Palmer and Dutch argue about why Palmer would want to destroy the world, the old man wants both the hacker and Fet killed.  Unbeknownst to the old man, Fitzwilliam lets Fet and Dutch go rather than killing them.  He knows Palmer’s “misguided” but won’t outright join their cause.

Flashback 17 hours, night time….

A fully vamped Kelly knocks on Diane’s door looking for Zack.  In his pajamas, Diane’s young son comes down the stairs.  Kelly stings and drains him to death! AYFKM????  HOLY CRAP!!! Diane attacks but Kelly drains her too!

The Strain 1.10.1

Idiocy, repaid!

Fast forward to Kelly in Midtown. A voice in her head whispers “Come to me” as Kelly enters the subway.  The Master meets with Kelly and tells her to “Embrace your glorious fate”.  

Gun drawn, Eph enters Diane’s house. In the basement he finds Diane cradling her son. Both are mid-vampire change.  Eph kills them both.  Idiocy, repaid!  Finding Kelly’s locket in Diane’s dead hand, he cries.

All arrive back at Setrakian’s.  Eph snaps at Dutch who overreacts and leaves in the middle of the night.  Seriously??? She’s going out at night after everything she’s seen???  Idiocy has consequences, Dutch…

Eph didn’t find Kelly but he gives Zack her phone.  Zack uses it to scroll through old pictures and videos taking the episode to a sad end.

The Strain 1.10.3

Dutch likely making the last bad decision she’ll ever make.


  • We know that vampires return to their loved ones.
  • We know that the Master has “chosen” Kelly
  • Therefore, it’s safe to assume that, like most ex-wives, Kelly will seek Zack and torture Eph forever.

Also, people become vamps MUCH quicker now.

Question: Why do the vamps have blood on their mouths?  The stinger drains the blood from 6 feet away.

This episode8/10 – Seeing idiocy get repaid is IMMENSELY satisfying.
The good:  Kelly killing Diane.
The bad:  Zack using the internet.




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