Preview! ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ Goes Red and Black

AC Unity P.1

ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY takes us to the most revolution-y of revolutions, the French Revolution. You can also play the new installment of the franchise on the PlayStation 4.

Note: Some spoilers from previous Assassin’s Creed games follow.

On November 11, our hidden blade will have a new opportunity for use in the setting of the French Revolution. Assassin’s Creed: Unity will feature Arno Dorian, who was raised by a Templar after his Assassin father was murdered. Fans of the series will recognize this dichotomy from the prequel novel to Assassin’s Creed III which featured Haytham Kenway, a Templar who discovers his own father was an Assassin.  A new twist is a love relationship with a Templar, Elise. Although details are scarce on the sub-plot scened in the present, a recent article in Game Informer confirmed that Desmond’s story is finished and this will be something different. I can’t help but think the Ubisoft Montreal and Bioware Montreal guys have been drinking together at the local pub and resolving their main characters to rest…for good. Of course, some hold to a hope of their respective returns.

As for details on the game, there are some interesting details put forth. Unity actually started right after Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. It appears that a development group split off during ACIII. The major advancements in ACIII were arguably the weather versatile environments and ship combat that spawned the subsequent release of Black Flag. Unity has been said to return to the core principles that resonated with the first three installments of Assassin’s Creed. Players will have to get to know their targets before dispatching them. Swordplay has been redone to focus on the mechanics of fencing. Navigation has been retooled to have easier upward and downward parkour movements.

AC Unity P.2

Do you hear the people sing? DO YOU?

Perhaps the biggest change coming is a cooperative mode where friends can join in on your current mission (from the last save point) as other friendly assassins. Another substantial change is that the missions will no longer “desync” you for not being stealthy but rather adapt to how you want to play the game. Finally, the buildings themselves will actually be able to be explored on the inside with special animations & sequences for combat, escape, and general exploration.

For fans of Les Miserables, this sounds to be an enjoyable visit to the violent and dynamic period of the turn of the 18th century. This title has us at the Backlog interested enough to keep tabs on and perhaps visit our local video game store to put down a preorder. The releases of this fall weigh heavy on the size of the backlog so we may need to let it slip until Christmas. Keep posted fellow assassinos!

– Dinmyer


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