Review! The Strain, Ep. 1.8: ‘Creatures of the Night’ [Spoilers]


We open with Jim Kent, Eph and Nora helping Setrakian to his feet after allowing a wounded Eichorst to escape.  “By wounding him we have sent the Master a message. We will not have to wait long for a reply” the old man says.  Foreshadowing!   

Eph suggests they find a way to simulate sunlight so they head to a medical supply store. It’s closed but Eph is beyond worrying about petty burglary. Becoming a vampire killer will do that, I suppose.  They find Vasily Fet in the store and after some tense introductions, Nora convinces Fet to share the UV lights he’s looted.  Eph recommends getting new phones from an all-night gas-and-go across the way. Setrakian and Fet lag behind to discuss vampire habitats. 

Eph, Nora and Jim enter the store to find a bread delivery man, Dutch, the hacker Palmer paid to mess up the internet and her girlfriend present! I dub this improbable confluence of main characters a “Happystance”. 

Vampires appear near the gas-and-go. The crew attack but are quickly outnumbered.  They’re saved by Jim who keeps the horde at bay by powering up the UV light.  Yay! But he’s being grazed by a stinger.  Awww!  The crew retreats inside to charge the UV lamps and consider their options while the vampires await reinforcements.  Meanwhile Buck, the bread truck delivery guy listens to Whitesnake – hey, blood worms look like tiny “white snakes”!   

Dutch asks Setrakian what’s going on but doesn’t believe Setrakian when he says vampires. “Is he kidding?” she asks Fet.  “Does he look like he’s kidding?”  No.  No he does not. 

The Strain 1.8.1Dutch’s girlfriend makes a run for it and escapes. They’re waiting for Setrakian.  The delivery guy and Dutch make a run for the truck.  He’s killed before he can get there.  She’s saved by Eph and Nora.  Setrakian says they’ll be overrun soon as the Master can “see through every Strigoi eye”.  

Nora notices a blood worm under Jim’s skin. The doctors cut it out of his cheek leaving Jim with a nice scar and a hero crush on Eph and Nora.  Perhaps they have a cure? 

The vamps prevent the UV lights from charging any further by cutting the store’s power. The crew uses that time to make an escape plan.  Fet tries to convince the gas-and-go worker to come with them but he’s an idiot and refuses.  

Eph notices another blood worm on Jim’s face. Lifting his shirt, they find Kent’s crawling with them. So much for that cure. Eph wants to save him but Setrakian says he can’t be saved. They argue but the vamps attack. As they are out of time, Fet shoots and kills Kent.  “Because you couldn’t. And you were arguing when we need to be moving!” he yells at Eph. 

The Strain 1.8.2Setrakian retrieves the silver dagger he’d given to Kent as the vamps break in. The crew use UV, Molotov cocktails and silver bullets to flee to the truck.  They fill buckets with gas, throw it on the vamps and pile into the bread truck and light them up. The gas-and-go explodes as Eph, Nora, Setrakian, Fet and Dutch flee. 

The rules of the game are established:  Get cut, get killed.  Find me some body armor!  Setrakian, Fet and Eph are clearly on the same team but they do not see eye-to-eye.  That should be interesting as Eph loves to – needs to – be in charge. 

The Strain: 
10/10 – do not miss
This episode9/10 – 75% of the episode takes place in a gas station. Intense, terse dialog along with a really tight plot make this episode a white knuckle ride.

– Vrin


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