Discussion! Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Trailer


The biggest news from the Xbox One dashboard remains the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer trailer that BioWare revealed last week before PAX Prime in Seattle.  We’ve watched a fair few times, and present it to you below so that you can do the same:

Five things that really jump out to me, aside from the beautiful presentation that Frostbite 3 offers:

1 – Lovely lady Leliana and her voice-over.  It sounds more than a little like she’ll be the in-game contact person for our avatars during co-op, as she specifically takes responsibility for directing the missions at 0:11.

2 – The objectives that appear on the player’s HUD at 0:19 and 0:27.  We see only two here, but the on-screen directions that appear suggest that there will be a variety of things to do as we slay our way through dungeons, looting treasure and stacking DPS.

DAI MP Archer Preview

One of the 20 classes available at DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION’s launch will be the Archer, whom I will immediately dress in green and name “Ollie.”

3 – 12-character kits.  The ones we see at 0:30 include an Assassin, a Keeper, and a Legionnaire, all of which refer to specializations available to players and party members of the previous games in the Dragon Age franchise.  As the DLC will be free of charge when it comes, it’s not unreasonable to assume that we’ll have far more options than these robust dozen before too long.

4 – The crafting menu.  At 0:43, we see the option to make something called the “Highever Weave.”  This is a reference to the human noble path for warriors and rogues in Dragon Age: Origins, and suggests not only that the equipment system Inquisition will go deep, but that the lore of Thedas will be integrated in to the multiplayer mode as well.

5 – Ability combos.  One of most enjoyable things about Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer was the trial-and-error of figuring out how to tear down Banshees with carefully timed biotic explosions, which could also be used to launch Husks into the stratosphere for fun during less-stressful waves.  Vrin and I had numerous classes set aside for just that purpose, and we have mused more than once that the Dragon Age character system might be even more suitable for cross-class devastation–we get a look at some of these at 1:01.

BioWare has also offered a FAQ on its multiplayer mode on DragonAge.com, and what they’re promising us sounds like they’ve taken the fun of Mass Effect 3‘s jolly cooperation and translated it with even more depth into the Dragon Age franchise.

There may have been some well-warranted skepticism from players and pundits alike regarding BioWare after the controversy-laden releases of both Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3, but what the Canadian developer has shown from Inquisition outstrips either of those games’ marketing strategies, and after hugely successful presentations at E3 and Gamescom, and with a huge lineup prepared at PAX Prime this weekend to showcase Inquisition, they don’t seem to have missed a beat; rather, BioWare looks better than ever.

– Vandal


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