Discussion! ‘The Flash’ Teaser Poster: Don’t Blink, You Might Miss It


The CW just released a new poster for The Flash and it’s a great image.  But is that all it is?

"Pilot"The Flash is so fast that he leaves an after-image.  In the poster, his after image is the shape of his insignia, a lightning bolt.  But is that all of what’s happening in this poster?

No.  Not even close. As comic artists are wont to do, they’ve made this poster FULL of Easter Eggs.  And a few of them are seriously great!

First, some shameless CW cross-promotion:

  • In the top right corner you can see the Queen Consolidated building from the CW’s Arrow.
  • On the right toward the bottom is Big Belly Burger, another Arrow reference

But that’s not all…

  • In the bottom right corner, chalk writing says “Grodd Lives”.
  • The AmerTek building is seen on the middle of the left side.  AmerTek is the employer of John Henry Irons (DC Comics’ Steel)
  • The Kord Industries building can be found toward the middle of the picture.  It’s founder, Ted Kord, is better known in DC Comics as the Blue Beetle.
  • Across the street from Kord is S.T.A.R. Labs, DC Comics’ super science lab.
  • And to the left of Queen Consolidated is a skyscraper with blurry logo.  I’m not 100% of what this logo is.   What major DC corporations are left? Wayne Enterprises? Lexcorp?  Stagg?  Something lesser known?  I feel like I’ve seen the logo before but I can’t place it. Here’s a blown up (but mildly blurry) image:

The Flash Preview 3What do you think it is?

That’s all I could find.  Let’s talk about some implications:

  • Gorilla Grodd, the telepathic gorilla in perpetual search of minions to rule, will eventually be part of the show.  In Flash lore, he’s a serious heavyweight with his character ranging from would-be ruler of Gorilla City to conqueror, King and would-be owner of the Speed Force.  He’s taken Barry to the brink of defeat more than once.
  • The Queen/Arrow references are shameless cross-promotion. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Comic books have held crossovers for decades. In fact, Barry’s appearance on Arrow was a Season 2 highlight!  According to sources, the first Flash/Arrow cross-over will take place in each show’s episode 8.
  • John Henry Irons superhero Steel may make an appearance.  His first appearance was as a hero helping to bridge the gap after The Death of Superman.  He has remained a popular character ever since.
  • Ted Kord, aka Blue Beetle, may make an appearance as well.

The Flash is a 10/10 must see.  I haven’t seen anything to make me think it’ll be anything other than a knockout hit.

Here’s what I know for sure: I’m looking forward to The Flash more and more every day.  Why isn’t it October 7th yet????



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