Preview! New Star Wars Rebels Shorts for Sabine, Zeb


Sabine was here.

Disney/Lucasfilm is starting to ramp up its marketing for its new show, Star Wars Rebels.  While others around here will tell you that The Flash is this fall’s can’t-miss new show, I am here to provide, shall we say, an alternative view.

Posted to the official Star Wars YouTube channel have been several TV spots that are currently airing across broadcast and cable televisions, but more interesting are the three-minutes short films that each center on a single member of the Ghost‘s crew.  A few weeks ago, we blogged the first of these, an Episode IV-spirited look at Chopper the astromech.

Since then, Lucasfilm has sent two more character features our way, with the first focusing on Sabine Wren, a renegade Mandalorian with artistic inclinations toward the civilly-disobedient:

And yesterday, Lucasfilm set us up with a short featuring Zeb, a member of the acrobatic Lasat race whose species is a new addition to the panoply of central characters:

Both shorts give us a glimpse into the nature of these main characters, their looks and personalities, and show off just how terrific this show is going to look and sound when it comes on the air in early October.  We’ll have another preview of the characters when John Jackson Miller’s canonical novel Star Wars: A New Dawn hits store shelves next week, but for now, these short films (and the three we’re still waiting for) should get us through until then.

Star Wars is coming back in a major way this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

–  Vandal


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