News! Dragon Age: Inquisition WILL Feature a Co-op MP Mode


It’s as if the Maker himself heard our pleas.

Via IGN, BioWare announced today that their colossal fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisitionwill indeed feature a cooperative game mode.  For those of you who (like we) loved the multiplayer element of the Canadian developer’s last AAA blockbuster, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer even more by way of map variety, gameplay elements, character progression, and gear acquisition.

Biotic explosions?  Child's play compared to a flaming sword...of flame...and a max level Mana Clash hurled at a blood mage.

Biotic explosions? Child’s play compared to a flaming sword…of flame…and a max level Mana Clash hurled at a blood mage.

We here at the Unending Backlog have been waiting for this particular announcement for some time, as the co-op mode from Mass Effect 3 was one of the game’s highlights.  It allowed players to participate in BioWare’s galaxy-spanning war against the Reapers alongside their friends, and as a similarly dire conflict looks to be at the heart of Inquisition, a chance to team up once again and collect and upgrade weapons and gear to our heart’s content is something we’ve been hoping that they would include in this game’s development.

They have, and we’re terribly, terribly excited.

Once we’ve finished celebrating and congratulating ourselves on this piece of news, and after we maybe(?) get a peek at some gameplay at Pax Prime this coming weekend, we’ll have a full preview for you here.

– Vandal


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