Review! The Strain, Ep. 7: ‘For Services Rendered’ [Spoilers]


Roger, Joan Luss’s husband has been travelling. Unable to reach Joan he calls Neeva, the nanny.  She tells Roger that evil has taken over Joan and she has the kids, warning him not to go home.  He convinces to return the kids tomorrow morning.  Reluctantly, she agrees.  Roger returns home by cab only to be drained by vampire Joan.

“My name is spelled J-I-M but you can pronounce it ‘Bait’.“

“My name is spelled J-I-M but you can pronounce it ‘Bait’.“

Nora, Eph and Setrakian fashion silver bullets.  Eph thinks going public should be the plan. Setrakian disagrees “Kill the Master and the spawn will die” he says.  There’s the plot for the show, folks.  Eph scoffs but ends up following Setrakian’s lead.  They need to find the Master though and only know one person connected to him: Jim Kent.

This week’s Setrakian flashback shows him eying a silver knife when Nazi Eichorst enters bearing an intricately carved piece of wood.  After Eichorst kills a random prisoner, Setrakian admits to carving it.  Eichorst gives Setrakian a special project – carve the Master’s coffin! Later Setrakian steals the silver knife as a drunken Eichorst gives Setrakian a chance to kill him.  Conflicted, Setrakian declines.  “It’s much easier to do nothing” Eichorst says.

Among 20 other inmates, Gus finds Felix in his prison lockup.  Felix is really sick. Not good. Gus clears a spot on a bench for Felix by beating up a loudmouth.

Jim and his wife Sylvia prepare to leave for her experimental treatment. She knows something’s wrong and he’s about to tell her when Eph, Setrakian and Nora arrive.  They want Jim to flush out Eichorst in a plot to find the Master. Sylvia doesn’t believe – WHY WOULD SHE WHEN NO ONE ELSE DOES – and gives Jim an ultimatum.  Jim chooses Eph. Sylvia leaves. Setrakian gives the silver knife to Jim.

Palmer shares a voice mail with the vampire Eichorst – it’s from Jim Kent who claims to have Redfern’s body. He wants Eichorst to bring him $100,000 “or else.”  Understanding it’s a trap, Eichorst will take care of it.

Jim, the bait, stands in Grand Central when Eichorst appears. Eichorst can smell Setrakian nearby but Kent won’t give him up.  Eph, Nora and Setrakian track Eichorst into the subway tunnels but they lose him.

Eichorst finds Setrakian on a subway platform.  Setrakian attacks but can’t hit the vampire.  Eichorst is about to kill Setrakian when Eph shoots him with a silver bullet.  Eichorst grabs onto a passing subway car and flees.

Neeva, Keene and Audrey witness Sebastiane pay the price of disbelief.

Neeva, Keene and Audrey witness Sebastiane pay the price of disbelief.

Neeva’s daughter Sebastiane the nurse, convinces Neeva to take the kids back to the Luss’ house.  If Joan is sick, she can help. That is a bad, bad call. They arrive to find signs of struggle.  Audrey finds her father’s body.  Joan appears, even though it’s daylight. That’s weird.  She’s completely turned and shoots her stinger at Audrey.  Sebastiane grabs the stinger and throws Joan back but not before being cut!  Uh-oh….

They flee, locking themselves in a glass room. Joan’s mirrored reflection shimmers as stalks them and is burned by a small patch of direct sunlight.  Passing around it, she breaks through and is about to kill everyone when what looks like a vampire hit squad shoots a bolt through Joan’s skull, killing her!  They look BAD-ASS.  When Sebastiane admits to being injured, the assassins kill her cold. “Do not touch her. She’s corrupted,” the leader says as the episode ends.

What did we learn today?  1) Kill the Master and the rest will die; 2) vamps can go out in daytime as long as they don’t hit direct sunlight.  2) Another vampire faction opposes the Master.

8/10 – A hot beginning and end with a medium warm middle is still great. Any episode of The Strain is better than most everything else.

– Vrin


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