Review! The Strain, Ep. 6: ‘Occultation’ [Spoilers]


An eclipse approaches New York as we open the show with Eichorst, sans “face”, torturing and drinking someone dead. Lovely.

The FBI knocks at door of Kelly, Eph’s ex-wife. She hasn’t seen him, but we do – unknown to anyone, Eph is hiding right outside. After they leave, Eph sneaks in the back door. “Don’t trust the stories”, he says. He tries to convince her to flee the city but she doesn’t believe him. Why would she, anyway? It’s not like he leads a team of CDC doctors trained in EXACTLY THIS KIND OF THING!! Kelly’s live-in boyfriend Matt calls the FBI back. They return and arrest Eph. Later, Eph is questioned by the FBI. Shockingly, they don’t believe him. Eph will take them to the missing passenger bodies.

Matt working late after he and Kelly have a blowout argument about their “family”, encounters two vampires. His is fate left unknown.

Fet overhears two workers talk about massive amounts of rats everywhere. Fet tells them they should be scared of what’s in the tunnels. The workers laugh halfheartedly. Chilling!

Strain 1.6.1

Q: Hey, Fet. How do you like your boss? A: Extra crispy.

Fet returns to an empty Department of Health. He finds his boss in a supply closet bitten and turning. He attacks but Fet opens a window shade exposing him to the sun. The boss burns and dies. The secretary Fet flirts with meets the same fate. Fet leaves and tries to convince his estranged father to flee but like Kelly, he doesn’t listen.

Gus is boxing when Eichorst’s flunky shows up. Gus wants nothing to do with the Nazi but the flunky insists – by showing Gus his gun. A meeting with Eichorst’s reveals that he wants Gus to dispose of Redfern’s remains.  Gus tries to decline and gives Eichorst a few punches but the vampire is unimpressed. He stops them.  They’ll do it. Or else.

Setrakian enters the next house on the list. Seeing no one, he heads down to the basement – it’s always the basement – where bloody handprints abound. His heart starts to give out as he attacks the group of vampires! He takes a nitroglycerin pill but is forced to flee to sunlight.  Undaunted, Setrakian places a lit candle atop the gas stove and turns it on.

Nora awakes at home. The FBI knocks but instead of answering, she packs a suitcase and flees with her mother, Mariela.  Later, she finds Setrakian’s address and heads there.

Jim Kent picks up Gus and Felix. They drag Redfern’s bodybag to the river but not before Felix opens the bag.  Redfern’s stinger falls out! Awkward!

The Strain 6.1.2

“My name is Kelly, and I’m an idiot.”

The eclipse begins. Kelly decides to stay in New York.  She’s an idiot.

Eph and two FBI are stuck in traffic.  The bloodied Manhattan Medical Examiner, a night zero victim, attacks someone on their street. The FBI try to stop him but he stings both of them and runs.  Eph apologizes and leaves them both dying.

Later, Gus and Felix come across the Examiner.   Gus kills him but not before a blood worm hits Felix! They pull it out as cops arrive to arrest them. “Now you show up” Gus says.

Eph heads to Setrakian’s pawn shop, finding Nora and her mother there.  “You’re both ready. I have a new plan” Setrakian says, ending the episode.


I have an ex-wife. We don’t get along.  If she came to me with this story, I’d be packing my bags before she finished it.

We’re in open warfare now. The nighttime streets will soon become killing fields.

10/10The Strain remains my favorite new show on TV.  Outstanding.

– Vrin


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