Review! The Strain, Ep. 4 – ‘It’s Not For Everyone’ [Spoilers]


Eichorst and Palmer hire a female hacker to “take down the web” for NYCs major corporations. They don’t want pics of what’s about to happen getting out. Can that be done? I guess.

Eph and team begin an autopsy of Redfern.  Among other biological abnormalities, they see his man parts have gone the way of Gabe’s.  However, nothing is more abnormal than the SIX FOOT LONG WORM EPH PULLS OUT OF HIM!! Ugh!

Eph calls this a ‘stinger’.  That seems inadequate.

Eph calls this a ‘stinger’. That seems inadequate.

Anne-Marie, the wife of survivor #3 Ansel, returns home to find Ansel and their dog missing.  Her search leads outside as she finds their dog’s collar atop blood spotted snow and tracks it to their dog whose neck has been torn open.  She finds Ansel has tied himself up in the shed and locked the door. Ansel, in the midst of his vampire change, charges her but tells her to run before he loses control.  She flees in the nick of time.

Flash to Eph’s team, cleaning up the mess that was Redfern.  As they do, Jim admits to Eph and Nora that he let the van with the soil-filled coffin van through the airport.  Eph punches Jim and leaves, Nora right behind him.  They need another victim to confirm what’s happening.  The pair heads back to Emma’s house.

Back to Anne-Marie burying the dog. A nosy neighbor comes by to complain about the growling noises coming from the shed.  He’s had it UP TO HERE and admits to hitting the dog in the past.  Channeling her inner Little Shop of Horrors, Anne-Marie invites the neighbor/jerk to “teach the dog a lesson” in the shed.  He’s obliges, gladly.  She slams the door and lets Ansel enjoy a jerk sandwich. A low, sated growl is Ann-Marie’s reward.

Ansel always liked his meat Jerk style…

Ansel always liked his meat Jerk style…

Gus and his friend Felix steal a car, bring to a chop shop and try to sell it.  “Phones and internet are down”, the chop shop guy says. The hacker’s done her work.

Over to Eldtrich Palmer who gets the news that internet, phones are all dark.  The smarmy Secretary Pierson, of Health and Human Services, enters.  Palmer tells her the army removed the JFK flight bodies because a bio-weapon got loose and convinces her it’s no longer a threat just before collapsing.  That’s sort of the truth, I guess. He wakes up and is convinced he needs a liver transplant.

Eph and Nora arrive at Emma’s house and arrive to hear children’s music playing in the basement. Of course it’s the basement. They descend and find a balding Emma standing in the corner.  She shoots her stinger at the pair a few times before Setrakian, appearing from nowhere, cuts her head off with his walking cane sword.  Emma’s newly risen father appears and tries to sting Setrakian, getting his stinger cut off for his trouble. Setrakian says some cool Romanian phrase and dispatches him.  “Don’t let the worms touch you” he warns.  “Infected have to be killed. There’s no other way”.  Nora can’t handle it; she’s a doctor and used to saving her patients not decapitating them.  Eph tries to convince her but she’s not ready.  “There has to be another way” she says before leaving.  Eph and Setrakian set the house on fire as the episode ends.

Bradley’s portrayal Setrakian is terrific.  His mastery of a serious, no-nonsense delivery is perfect for this role as it’s clear that not heeding Setrakian’s warnings mean death.

10/10The Strain is the best new show on TV. It’s must-see every week. I’m 100% hooked.


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