News! ‘Doctor Who’ Takeover Week on BBC America

Doctor Who s8 News

Peter Capaldi looks like he’s going to take a fresh approach to the role of the Oncoming Storm, but if you’d like to relive the emotional anguish of saying goodbye to David Tennant as you wait impatiently for the season 8 premiere, BBC America has you covered all week.

A whole lot of us are counting the hours to Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the Doctor in Doctor Who‘s season 8 premiere episode, “Deep Breath” and BBC America is offering their help in finding ways to pass those interminable hours.

All week on BBC America is “Doctor Who Takeover Week,” which begins tomorrow at 8am EDT/5am PDT and will allow fans and viewers to first watch a series of half-hour retrospectives, each focusing solely on a single incarnation of the Doctor.  The next five-and-a-half days will be filled with full-season broadcasts of each episode and special featuring David Tennant and Matt Smith (and in one superb case, both), from “The Christmas Invasion” all the way through “The Time of the Doctor,” after which Chris Hardwick will bookend the season 8 premiere with a live pre- and post-show.

As if the excitement couldn’t increase any further, Fathom Events is offering a live screening of “Deep Breath” that includes 15 minutes of exclusive content.  There’s also a viral campaign you can use to indoctrinate the uninitiated to the imaginative world of the Time Lords–just use #newtoWho to begin the process.

We’re going to try to stay calm and not blink this week, but there are few things on television more exciting than the first appearance of a new Doctor.  So Happy Doctor Who Takeover, everyone, and we’ll see you with our review of the premiere in less than a week’s time!



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