Discussion: Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘The Enemy of Thedas’ Trailer


To wrap up our day of BioWare-centric blogging, we present to you the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, a monster-filled glimpse at the conflicts and engagements awaiting us as we take on the mantle of the Inquisitor to rid the world of Thedas of what looks to be its most sizable threat to date.  Shown at the EA press conference earlier today (way earlier for those of us in North and South America), the video appears below for your viewing pleasure:

Five highlights from this great-looking trailer that we found particularly exciting:

1 – The sword at 1:11.  Here’s to playing the game from the second it releases until we acquire that weapon and use it to slay all kinds of evil things.

2 – The monster at 1:40.  We kind of thought it looked like Aragog from Harry Potter, or Shelob from Lord of the Rings, but it definitely looks like something that needs to be removed from Thedas if tenuous peace is going to return to the land.

DAI Gamescom

INQUISITION looks to put the “dragon” back in DRAGON AGE. We’ll be playing BioWare’s next and most ambitious release, immediately and at great length, when it hits stores on November 18th.

3 – The glowing-eye effect that the Inquisitor (or someone wearing his/her helmet) displays throughout.  Since we know from earlier announcements that the Inquisitor will have a connection to the source of the trouble, the magical realm referred to in Dragon Age lore as “The Fade,” it’s not unreasonable to interpret this as as a residual effect of that connection.

4 – Morrigan.  We can’t wait to see her again, and she comes dressed like the Fifth Blight just ended.

5 – Is that a dragon fight at 1:43?  That would be something new for the franchise.

The Backlog is about to get longer than ever, but you can believe that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be at the top of ours until BioWare gives us a reason to believe otherwise.

–  Vandal


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