Discussion: ‘Seeking Henna’ – Be Sure to Drink Ovaltine


Bioware’s new IP related ARG came to a screeching halt on Friday when Blake posted “We did it” and that he – with our help – had found Henna. My post below details my thoughts on this abrupt ending. At the end of that post I suggested that this could just be another twist in the story. That Blake had fallen for a ploy from whoever took his friend. It seems that’s just what happened.

On Saturday morning, a Reddit user posted to /r/Seekinghenna that someone using Henna’s Reddit name (WhytheStarsShine) had just posted the following to /r/UnbelievableEvents:

Nobody was ever supposed to get hurt. Not now, not then. I never worried about my parents. They were always too caught up in their own lives to see me as anything but an obligation. Blake was different, though. I always felt bad for how I left things with him. I only wanted to show him the truth–and maybe help my new friends in the process. The odds were always against it, but I hoped Blake would have what it takes to join us.

I had no idea how far he’d go to find me, or that he’d get all of you involved. I started out just observing, but then I ran a few tests to see what would happen. Some of you understand what’s really going on–and how much is at stake. The thing is, I’m not the only one who’s been watching you. There’s someone here who shouldn’t be. I didn’t realize what it was after until too late.
Blake claimed he “found” me, but he was wrong. It found him, and now he’s gone. Those of you still determined to know the truth might have a shot at staying alive if you can control your fear. I’m going dark after this post, but I’m leaving one last test. I hope you find the answer.




Henna’s posting to Reddit? Other people have been watching us? Someone’s here that shouldn’t be? And she’s saying Blake is now missing? And there’s a new code at the end of the message? This just got good again! The Seeking Henna subreddit users went to work on the code and we had it decoded in a couple of hours. It says:

Johannisstraße|76-80 |50668 |koln| Germany |13/8/14 |1500-1900

This corresponds to the date, time and location of Bioware’s upcoming fan event at Gamescom.

What was the collective reaction when we realized that – after two weeks of code breaking, study of Theosophy and all the other general weirdness – we hear from Henna, she tells us Blake’s gone messing and she tells us not to miss a fan event you ask?

“A crummy commercial? Son of a b….!”

ARG: 1/10 –It was an INCREDIBLY interesting ride but if this is what they have planned as the end then they should have their virtual pens and paper shoved up their virtual…well, you know. Does anyone at Bioware know how to end a game anymore??

New IP: 8/10 – I had it at a 9 but I’m lowering the priority a full point out of “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY ENDED IT LIKE THAT” phobia. You’d think after all the crap they took for Mass Effect 3’s ending, Bioware would learn this simple truth: Endings have to be satisfying conclusions to stories else they make the story pointless. Ugh.

–  Vrin


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