Discussion: Seeking Henna – the Abrupt Conclusion?


Blake’s search for his friend Henna took another turn yesterday before reaching what seems to be an abrupt conclusion.

Before yesterday, we’d seen two posts to the Reddit subforum /r/SeekingHenna by a user named LBNCMBJBZNDF. This acronym is the first and last initial of each “featured staff member” at the Woods Watson Institute. Each post contained a picture of a partially burned handwritten letter with a code at the bottom. We received a third yesterday. After hours of effort, one of the /r/SeekingHenna users (AriochX) cracked the code using the Playfair cipher and the word Tiros (contained in the image). The message read “Magic is real. If you can read this, you may have the power. X”. We wonder: What does he mean “We may have the power?” And who is X? The Reddit subforum and IRC channel discussed it for the rest of the night.

And then…it was over. With no fanfare, Blake put a post on SeekingHenna.com this morning titled “WE DID IT”. His post read:

“I’m not sure if I’m supposed (allowed?) to post here anymore, but so many of you helped my search for Henna. I can’t leave without telling you… we did it.

I found her.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you how. The important thing is that she’s alive and we’re going to meet.

I’m shaking as I type this. It doesn’t seem real, but it is.

Thank you, everyone. I’ll come back and tell you the rest of the story someday.

Until then, don’t look for me.”

Henna, the character in BioWare’s “You’ve Been Chosen” ARG that introduces its new IP, may have been found, but the details surrounding this new development are anything but conclusive.

We did it? What did we do? We cracked a code that said “Magic is real,” and this somehow led to Blake finding his friend Henna? And now we’re not supposed to come look for you either?

This reminds me of when I used to go to midnight movies. I’d fall asleep an hour in, wake up for the conclusion and wonder how we got there. Similarly here, I’m glad he found his friend but I feel like we went to sleep and missed the most important part of the story.

Given the strangeness we’ve seen with this story, it would not surprise me at all if we find out Blake’s “WE DID IT” post is a ploy, trap, or false, or posted by whoever took Henna in an effort to get everyone else to stop looking etc…

If this is the end, Bioware’s ARG has come to a rather unsatisfying conclusion.

ARG: 2/10
– the ARG has come to an end, but you may find it interesting if you like puzzles and ciphers.
Bioware new IP: 9/10. When it comes to video games telling stories, BioWare is second to none.

–  Vrin


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