Discussion: BioWare’s Third ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ Teaser, ‘Impact’


Over the last few days, the alternate reality game (ARG) related to Bioware’s upcoming new IP (tentatively called Shadow Realms) took another few steps forward. You can catch up by checking out Vandal’s post below and my comment on it.  Go ahead, it’s ok.  I’ll wait right here.

Blake put two new posts up on http://www.seekinghenna.com.  The first was a disappearance case of “Lexan Velis” – a case with some similarities to Henna’s.  After saving his younger sister Sophie from a fire in their home, Lexan ran back into the house and was never seen again.  No bones were found, which is odd since normal fires don’t burn hot enough to turn bones to dust.  The arson investigator also didn’t find any accelerant (gas, propane etc.) which the investigator said would be necessary to cause such a complete burning.  Lastly, Lexan’s parents didn’t want their son declared dead and didn’t pursue a missing person’s case. Odd behavior from parents who just lost their son, I say.

Blake obtained a copy of the arson investigator’s report.  At first glance, the report seems normal enough. Upon deeper investigation of it, we come across a dozen instances of the number 3 and numbers divisible by 3.  There were several agencies involved in the investigation, all 3 letter acronyms (SPD, SFD, WSP, ATF, and EMTs).  The report number is 630930 (divisible by 3).  The investigation number is 00008-029-140.  8+2+9+1+4 = 24. It occurred on 2.29.2012 (2+2+9+2+0+1+2 = 18).  The fire started at 9:33 PM.  It was called into police by Lexan’s sister Sophie (six letters) who was 6 years old at the time.  The report states Lexan saved Sophie and told her to “Stay here, this is something I have to do” – 9 words.

I don’t believe in coincidence.  The report is trying to tell us something.  The report came out on the same day as Bioware’s third teaser trailer, Impact (six letters GAH!!!) Could the “3” connection be something as simple as “The third trailer”?  It’s possible, I suppose.

The new trailer starts with a girl standing outside with words playing at half-speed, providing a sufficiently creepy vibe. It shows a young woman moving in slow motion, mouthing something to the camera while staring in horror at something off screen.  After a few moments, she says “It’s not my fault” and the camera pans out and up, revealing a house lying in what looks like a sinkhole, completely destroyed.  The trailer ends asking the viewer “Can you control your power?” The viewer is left to wonder.

To make matters even weirder, burned out circles can be seen at the house’s front left and front right yards.  I circled them in this picture.  What does this have to do with Henna, you ask? Good question!

I have two theories.

First, it looks EXACTLY like her necklace.

Second, click over to http://Woods-WatsonInstitute.info, the school involved in the Seeking Henna quest.  Once there, click the Courses menu and choose the drop down for each Math course. You’ll see two equations:  x^2 + y^2 = 49 and X^2+(Y+7)^2=4.  When plotted, these two equations, plus two others found in other SeekingHenna puzzles, reveal this diagram.

Look familiar?  I thought it might.  We eagerly await more information – and the next set of clues – from Blake.

Backlog Priority
ARG: 7/10
New Bioware IP: 9/10

In a summer void of book and game releases, the ARG and its puzzles are interesting. Bioware has created a wonderful backstory here which seems to be building toward Gamescom announcement on 13-August at 10am Eastern time.  You can watch it at twitch.tv/esl.

–  Vrin


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