Blog: August Backlog [Vandal]


As we approach that time of the year where it becomes necessary to buy another media shelf, here’s what made it to the top of my Unending Backlog for this August:

Brandon Sanderson, THE EMPEROR’S SOUL
Set on the world of Sel, this novella won the Hugo Award in 2013 and is apparently so good I need to be prepared to read its modest 110-page length in one sitting.


Saladin Ahmed has written a critically-acclaimed first volume in a new fantasy series that echo the Arabian Nights.

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Gail Simone, et al. BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY
I’ve been amassing these titles in trade since May, but have hesitated to read them piecemeal until I had the whole pile in front of me.  That time has come, and from what I hear, it will have been worth the wait.

The Goodreads page tells me that this book was nominated for a whole bundle of awards (including the Hugo and the Nebula) in 2012, and despite its average 3.57 rating from users, looks to offer readers of fantasy something wholly new.

If GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY pans out for Marvel, it’ll be even clearer that they are in complete control with their Cinematic Universe.

J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, & Jeffrey Lieber, LOST
Don’t judge me for coming late to the party; I get to experience it for the first time 😀

Christopher Buck & Jennifer Lee, FROZEN
I’ve been told this film has the power to change lives, so I guess I should get around to it at some point.

Usually I’m in the theater on opening night for the Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, but this one ran up against vacation time.  Saturday morning should be a riot.

These should move the dog days of summer along as we wait for the influx of games that the autumn months will bring.  We’re also looking forward to all the new shows and the relaunch of the Star Wars universe.

–  Vandal


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